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About Us

Fountain Mist Alpacas LLC is located 4 miles south of Marshfield in the center of Wisconsin.  It is owned and operated by Mike and Jan Fountain.  We presently have 50 alpacas and two Great Pyrenees dogs.

Our farm is 6 acres in size. It consists of our house, large pole barn, and pasture.  We are presently in the process of building more pens to accommodate a growing herd.  It is our goal to raise alpacas that not only have good fleece characteristics, but good confirmation and temperament.

We enjoy the lifestyle these alpacas offer.  Yes, there is some work and effort involved.  It is well worth it! We enjoy watching these animals and  find it very relaxing to simply relax and enjoy our alpacas as they graze and go about their lives.  It is very rewarding to see them grow from a little 13 pound cria who is just learning to stand up to a full grown alpaca.  They are clean animals and each one has its own personality.  They are very intelligent and curious animals.  They are easy to take care of and are suitable for a person who has had little or no agricultural experience.

We welcome visitors who are interested in Alpacas.  This includes not only visitors who are serious about them, but also the curious.  Alpacas generally love children.  We are more than willing to show you what we do and how we do it.  We want to introduce you to the world and lifestyle of alpacas.  Please call us first to arrange a time.